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Training with Intent

Your training goals, results and experience rely on intent more than you know. Intent is what separates the average from the elite, and the contenders from the pretenders. Training intent is simply the intensity and focus you carry with you though out your training.

Training intent is going to be the biggest difference maker between 2 people. 2 people can go through the exact same training protocol and get drastically different results. Why? The one that gets most results trains with more intent. Someone with a perfect training protocol with low intent compared to someone with a sub-par training protocol that absolutely grinds, the grinder gets better results all day.

Maybe your training program isn’t that bad. Maybe instead of bouncing around from program to program, from trainer to trainer, you should focus on your intent in the gym

So how can we change training intent? Understand that what you do day in, and day out plays a role in your overall success. Instead of just hitting bench press for 4 sets of 5, hit bench press for 4 sets of 5 with ferocity. Instead of waking up and going to the gym, wake up, and go to the gym to destroy the weights. Understand that just doing something isn’t enough, you have to do it with intent.

This goes for all things in life. Work your job with the intent of being the best. Love your partner or your kids with the intent of being the best partner or parent imaginable. Live your life with the intent of making it the most fulfilling life possible no matter the circumstance you find yourself in.

Train with intent.

Chris Still

BS Exercise Science


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