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Toning Up for the Summer

Summer is here, and now that the pandemic is ending, you are ready to get toned up and look your best.

To make this task easier to accomplish, we are going to simplify your goal. You want to lose fat while keeping and potentially gaining muscle mass. Now that the terms have been simplified, we have a clear-cut view of what needs to be done to reach our goal. To complete this task, we need to set both nutritional and exercise standards to follow and stick to our plan until the task is finished.

The more difficult part of toning up is building or retaining muscle mass, so we need to consider how we can accomplish this FIRST. To maximize muscle growth or muscle retention, we must stress the muscles. This requires lifting moderate to heavy weight. We will not achieve our goals if we stick to light weights, because, if we remember correctly, part of the equation to toning up is building or retaining muscle mass. The second consideration for building and retaining muscle mass is making sure we are eating enough protein. Guidelines for building muscle require that you eat at least 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (weight in pounds/2.2 x 1.7). If both nutritional and exercise standards in place for building and retaining muscle, then you have already laid the groundwork to get toned up and summer ready in no time.

The last part of toning up is losing fat. There are only two rules in fat loss. 1. Fat loss only comes through a calorie deficit. 2. You can not spot reduce body fat. All you can do is get yourself into a calorie deficit, and let the fat come off wherever it wants to. We all have areas we store fat easier than others, some people struggle with their legs, others struggle with their stomachs, and likely this will be the place where fat comes off the slowest. All you can do is continue to work and do what you can control. If you focus on all the things that are in your power to control, results are yours anytime you want them.

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