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Fat Loss Made Simple

With so many diets being pushed at you, its hard to figure out what direction you should go. Paleo, Keto, Atkins, Carnivore, and the list goes on. The simple truth is any of these diets can work. But the question is, will you enjoy them enough to make it a lifestyle? I do not think I have ever met anyone that could not lose weight. Every time I see someone start a diet, they lose weight, they just do not keep it off. Research has shown that the struggle in losing weight is keeping that weight from coming back.

When considering what diet to go on, understand that it will be a lifestyle change. As soon as we start thinking “quick fix”, we set ourselves up to add all our lost weight back on as soon as we reach our goal weight. Choose a diet that you will enjoy.

The main ingredient to fat loss is eating fewer calories than you burn throughout the day. You can either eat less, or move more, or both! Probably the easiest way to cut back on the number of calories you eat is portion control. If you normally have 4 eggs, and a glass of milk for breakfast, swap that out for 2 eggs and a glass milk. Simple and easy changes to your diet are less stressful than completely overhauling your nutrition and will lead to you being more successful in keeping the weight off. If you enjoy how you eat, and what you eat, just try cutting back before you make any huge changes. No matter what diet you use, health benefits are simply achieved by losing fat and keeping it off.

Chris Still

B.S. Exercise Science


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