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At Lynx Performance Training, we believe our ethics should lead our passion. We are passionate about leading others success on the skale, in the mirror, and on the field, but we never put our own goals ahead of the client. We work with you and take the time to undestand your goals and the resons behind those goals to help increase your chances of success to the maximum.

What Sets Us Apart 

We are professionals at what we do. We specialize in client success rather than just one or two areas of fitness or performace. The knowledge we have gained over years of experience, education, and trial and error is meticulously placed throughout our training programs. The programs we provide are not a random collection of exercises, but a well thought out plan to get you to your goal the fastest. We train to elicit specific adaptations, not just make you tired or sore. When you train with a purpose, the results always fall in place.

Who Trains With US

We train ANYONE. Our passion is client success, no matter what the client goals are. We have trained athletes for college and NFL combines, as well as elderly individuals looking to age gracefully. Bring your goals and we will develop a plan for success!


Owner, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Weightlifting

I started a dedicated fitness and wellness journey with Chris January 1st, 2020.  Prior to that, he had been a group fitness instructor at my local gym where I thoroughly enjoyed his coaching and classes!  His workouts were always SO GOOD!  The trigger for wanting more 1x1 training with Chris was a “Biggest Loser” contest in my office, and the need to have more extensive strength training that can’t be safely offered in most group class settings.  At the first weigh-in of our contest,  I was the only female that placed with 4 men in the top 5.  GAME ON!  Chris was every bit as interested in my “win” as I was, but he was even more interested in the overall wellness benefits of my long-term results.  Chris designed challenging and varying workouts, coached me to safe/regulated weight loss, better eating (what / how much / and when), better sleeping, and the desperate need to regulate stress.  He is a WEALTH of knowledge and wise beyond his years!  At the height of the “game” the pandemic hit.  Gyms in NC were shut down.  Chris refused to give up our journey.  He took stock of the equipment I had at home and used a combination of programs he would write on a “white board” and text to me, with a training app that required me to login for accountability.  His creativity and commitment was unmatched!  So many other trainers in our area just gave up and didn’t work at all.  NOT CHRIS!  He used virtual options to our advantage and in the end, I placed 2nd in the contest with a 28lbs weight loss towards my goal of 30lbs (which we did later hit!).  A year later, the weight is still off, and I continue to be motivated by Chris even thousands of miles away. If given the chance to partner with Chris on your fitness journey DON’T WAIT.  With his guidance, SO MANY good things are waiting to happen for you!

Pam W.

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